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Industry Bites (alone)

industry bites is a program developed by 2realise to help young people, teachers, principals and career advisers to experience and better understand career options by providing a real-life, meaningful experience in the workplace through an industry visit concept.

The program involves a 2 hour visit to a specific company where students are able to learn about the industry, including the variety of jobs available, different career pathways including study options, a tour of the facilities along with personal stories from staff about their career journeys.

Businesses showcase their company and/or industry in a program that is made manageable and is sensitive to their time.  It generates interest in their business and encourages students to consider a future with them.  This collaboration with mutual benefits is the foundation of the program’s success.

Since 2013 over 1,045 students have participated in the program across 73 visits. On average 90% of students said that the visit had changed their ideas around the company and working with them and 87% told us that they learned about jobs in the industry they did not know about previously.

Our staff really enjoyed the opportunity to work with the students from one of our local schools and give them some ideas for future career options. It is fantastic to be involved in programs such as this that allow companies to play a part in their local communities
Andrew Wheatley Customer Excellence Lead at Janssen, Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson and Johnson

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