Through the successful implementation of a range of evidence based programs, 2realise has developed an understanding of the barriers young people face when transitioning from school to employment and/or training.

They are:

  • Traditional schooling is not suitable for every young person
  • Facing an increasingly complex labour market has led to higher expectations of employer
  • Unable to navigate the recruitment systems of employers
  • Lacking essential soft skills such as: commitment, problem solving, passion, flexibility/adaptability, organisation confidence, teamwork and interpersonal abilities.

2realise your career has designed a number of innovative programs and workshops to address these barriers that can be delivered in school to compliment the curriculum or within a community setting, such as youth centres.

These programs are delivered in partnership with local Councils and local initiatives such as The Ryde Project, (Kick Start your Career Workshops), schools (8 week 2realise your career program) and Mission Australia (Links to Learning).

For further information please contact 2realise on 1300 2realise (1300 273 254) or email