brave Program with Hunters Hill High School

The first term of the brave program at Hunters Hill High school for 2016 has concluded with great results.

One student improved the number of push ups they could do in a minute by 10, crunches by 11 and plank by 2 minutes 14 seconds!  Another student also increased the time they could hold the plank position by 1 minute 18 seconds and their number of crunches by 20!

Twenty students from Years 8 and 9 attended the program for 2 hours every Tuesday afternoon at the Efm Health Club Gladesville gym. Each week consisted of a physical training session followed by a well-being presentation on different topics determined by the needs of the participants. Some of the topics included respect, impulse control, gratitude and confidence. The group also enjoyed having Senior Constable Jeannie Lopez, Youth Liaison Officer, Ryde Police come and participate and answer their questions about a whole range of things including the role of a police officer and how the law operates.

77% of participants agree or strongly agree brave has increased the amount of physical activity that they participate in weekly.

 72% of participants would recommend the program to others.

 33%of participants agree the program has helped them make new friends.

Term Two will have a new group of 20 students attending the program; 2realise looks forward to meeting everyone.

Thank you to the continued support of the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Fund| Eldon & Anne Foote Trust, Efm Health Club Gladesville and Ryde Police for making it possible to continue the program.

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