Bridge to Employment Mentoring Session # 2

Session two of the mentoring program for BTE students was held last Wednesday. Continuing with the theme of ‘Career Pathway Exploration’ students and mentors continued discussions around broadening the student’s career horizons.

This session focussed on students reflecting on what their likes, interests, skills and passions are in order to then explore what careers may align with these. After all, if a person can combine their passion with their work they become an almost unstoppable success!  Often hobbies and interests aren’t linked to careers but as some students discovered an interest in art and a desire to help people can be the perfect beginning to a career in Art Therapy! Someone interested in History may not have considered a career as a Parliamentarian or Tourist Information Officer but both occupations can stem from an interest in history. These were the types of conversations being held during the session.

Another key discussion point during the session was that there is more than one pathway to attain career goals. Considering opportunities from TAFE/VET qualifications through to those requiring university qualifications – there is no set path and one study option can become a stepping stone for another.

Feedback from students indicated they found the session informative and relevant as well as fun.

Session three of the mentoring program will be held in June.

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