Bridge to Employment Mentoring Session @ Marsden High School

Career Pathway Exploration is the theme for the 2016 Bridge to Employment Mentoring Sessions

The final year of the BTE program began earlier last term with the first of four mentoring sessions with staff from Johnson and Johnson. The theme of the mentoring sessions this year is ‘Career Pathway Exploration’ with participating students having the opportunity to explore and discuss different careers and how to follow their dreams.


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The first session began with students working together to build a spaghetti tower – an analogy for a career pathway.

The objective of our first session was to inspire the students to think about different roles within the workforce, what skills are needed for these roles and the industries they might exist in. Skills such as judgment and decision making, active listening, negotiation and social perceptiveness were defined and talked about. The Johnson and Johnson mentors guided their groups through discussions and interactive activities to get them thinking about what it truly means to work in different roles. Jobs included Digital Marketing Executive, Aquatic Coordinator, Care Manager and even a Paraplanner; a new profession most students and even some mentors hadn’t heard of!

The BTE program offers unique opportunities for participants to have one to one discussions about career options with mentors and hear firsthand what the working world is like, especially in the health industry. 2realise designs the outlines for these sessions to assist mentors guide effective discussions with their students.

Looking forward to the next session to be held in May.

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