Bridge to Employment students @ Macquarie University

Ever wonder what it is like to be in an echo-less room?

On Monday, the Bridge to Employment students from Marsden High School got to experience this when they entered the Anechoic Chamber at the Australian Hearing Hub at Macquarie University. The group was also able to see the brain activity of several of their peers during a gaming EEG demonstration in Nic Badcock’s presentation about Post-Doctoral research. The students were treated to a morning of exploring pathways to tertiary study at the university along with specific presentations around the huge array of opportunities there are in the audiology, speech pathology and linguistics fields. The visit concluded with a mini tour of the campus to provide a snapshot of what university life can be like.

100% of students agreed that they day was fun, taught them something new about the applications of these subjects and also made them more interested in these areas of study.

Macquarie University is a key partner of the Bridge to Employment Program.

Thank you to the staff and student ambassadors from Macquarie University for such a memorable and informative visit.

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