Bridge to Employment update April 2014

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On Friday 4th April, 2014, Bridge to Employment students participated in their first activity at Johnson & Johnson head office in North Ryde. The students had an exciting day, starting off with a tour of the Johnson & Johnson building including the warehouse facilities where they learnt how a warehouse operates.

Then on to the stock room where they were given insight into the different products such as artificial knees and hips, how they reach the surgeon and how the surgeon uses these items.

This was followed by a visit from Ken Marslew, CEO of Enough is Enough who delivered a resilience building workshop where he shared his personal story on the tragic loss of his son and how he moved out of the victim space in to that of a survivor, and then a thriver.

And finally, the students finished off the day with a fun activity with their mentors where they were able to be creative- designing resumes for famous people including the Queen, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Homer Simpson!


Wednesday 14th May- Visit to Macquarie University including Study Skill Workshops and tour of Macquarie University Hospital Thursday 12th June- Mentors will be visiting the students at school and will be bringing guests from Washington, USA.

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