Bridge to Employment update July 2014

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On Monday 21st July the Bridge to Employment students took a trip to the Northern Sydney Institute of TAFE (Meadowbank Campus) to learn about a variety of jobs and training available within the healthcare industry including; nursing, massage and sport & recreation.

In the Nursing section students were given insight into the sort of training a nurse would need to complete. They learnt the correct technique for hand washing (which also included examining their hands under a UV light to ensure they hadn’t missed anything!) along with basic CPR and how to test your own pulse with a stethoscope. In the Sport & Recreation section students learnt about the variety of jobs and courses available and then participated in some vigorous group training run by current TAFE students.

In the Massage section students were able to learn about massage for health purposes, the importance of knowing the muscles in our body and how they work, and were then taught how to give a relaxing hand massage.

The students were very excited when the TAFE organised a surprise mechanical bull for lunchtime entertainment! An amazing day was had by all! To find out more click here


1st September 2014- Mentors will be visiting the students at school and discussing goal setting.

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