Bridge to Employment update March 2014

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The Bridge to Employment Program was officially launched in Australia on 17th February 2014.

The program is made possible by 2realise who have formed a strong partnership between Johnson & Johnson, Marsden High School, Macquarie University and Northern Sydney Institute of TAFE. The 3 year program will provide 47 Marsden High students with activities that enrich their academic studies and engage them into thinking about their future career options. The Australian program will follow the successful learnings from other countries which have demonstrated positive outcomes for all parties, particularly the students.

Attending the launch, NSW State Government local member, The Han. Victor Michael Dominello, MP, said the program stood out among other worthy attempts due to one key element – mentoring. He praised the Johnson & Johnson staff for volunteering to work side-by-side with students through the final years of high school.

“The program also offers longevity; it is not just sitting in a lecture theatre for an hour, or work experience for a week, it is three years of activities. And even more importantly, there is an evaluation at the end for all parties to track progress or problems.”

– The Han. Victor Dominello MP The launch also provided students with an opportunity to hear a personal message from Tony Abbott, Prime Minister of Austra lia congratulating them on their participation in the program. The message was delivered by the Hon. John Alexander OAM, MP.

Students also heard from David Wilkinson, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Corporate Engagement & Advancement (Macquarie University), Gus Vrolyk, Principal (Marsden High School), Amanda Towe, Director of Human Resources (Johnson & Johnson Medical) and Rowena Stulajter, CEO (2realise).


Friday 4th April – Visit to Johnson & Johnson including a tour of the site, resilience training from Ken Marslew (CEO, Enough is Enough) and activities with mentors

Wednesday 14th May- Visit to Macquarie University including tour of Study Skill Workshops and tour of Macquarie University Hospital

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