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On Wednesday 14th May 2014, Bridge to Employment students were given the opportunity to visit one of Australia’s top five universities, Macquarie University. Students were treated a Study Skills Workshop in the morning followed by visit to Macquarie University Hospital, located right on the university campus! The Study Skills Workshop gave the students a great insight in to the various study methods that can be used and to help students remember content for exams. They were given interactive activities that allowed them to reflect on their own study style and what may work best for them in their upcoming exams.

The afternoon included an exciting visit to the hospital located on campus where st udents met a range of hospital employees and were exposed to the various careers available within a hospital through a specialised ‘behind the scenes’ tour of Macquarie University Hospital.

Students were taken through the; Clinical Wards including the Intensive Care Unit, Operating Theatre, Operations Support including Human Resources and Marketing, and ki tchen and hotel services.

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Thursday 12th June- Mentors will be visiting the students at school and will be bringing guests from Washington, USA.

Monday 21st July – Visit to NSI TAFE

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