Bridge to Employment update September 2014

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On Friday 19th September, eight BTE students took up the fantastic opportunity to meet eight students from the Bridge to Employment site in Boston, USA via Johnson & Johnson’s Global Connect facilities which allowed the students to connect via video teleconferencing.

The students enjoyed hearing about how each country’s education system works and the sorts of activities that they have been participating in as part of their Bridge to Employment program.

The students from Boston were shocked to hear that Australians enjoy eating Kangaroo and that all students get 41ots of school holidays per year!

The students enjoyed the experience and connected with each other on facebook to allow them to keep in touch throughout the program .
Tim and Rebecca will be off to Ireland in October for the Alliance Building Training Session where they will be given the opportunity to meet and connect with all other BTE sites.

They will be on a mission to set up future Global Connect sessions with other sites from around the globe.
Congratulations to all of the students involved for their courage and commitment to the activity … and for getting to school at 7:30am!

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3rd November 2014- Mentors will be visiting the students at school
3rd December 2014- Visit to Macquarie University for Resilience Workshop, Employability Skill Workshop & Sausage Sizzle with the mentors!
8th December 2014- First Aid Training at Meadowbank TAFE

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