Career Kick Start Employability Skills Workshop at Riverside Girls High School

Last Friday, Taryn Soderman, 2realise, facilitated an Employability Skills Workshop at Riverside Girls High School as part of The Ryde Project! Twelve girls from Year 9 participated who were considering finding part-time employment (only 1 participant had employment) but weren’t sure about the expectations or how to go about developing a resume and applying for jobs.

The three hour session focused on:

  • What Skills? – Transferrable skills essential for employability
  • Resumes that get read – Resume outlines, content and presentation
  • Pick Me! – Interview Skills and expectations including a careers panel with Michael Paine and Rowena Stulajter

Students were provided with resources to take away for assistance with skills development and creating a resume. Thanks to Hayley Rose (Lane Cove Council) and Michael Paine (City of Ryde Council) who provided vital input into discussions and were able to assist with answering student questions. Students indicated interest in volunteering and both Hayley and Mike outlined some upcoming council opportunities and  have offered to assist with this if students contact them directly.

All students rated the session as 4 or 5 out of 5 with 11 out of 12 students indicating they would like to attend another 2realise your career session.

“I learnt how to be noticed by the interviewers and how to look professional in a working environment.

This was great and helped me prepare for the future.

“The really helped me out as I plan to get my first part-time job. I will also take this session to help me with my job finding for my future career.”

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2realise your career flyer Riverside Girls