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Annual Alliance Building & Training Session

Each year, Johnson & Johnson host an international conference (ABTS) allowing all sites from around the globe to come together to share success and challenges, learn from each other and brainstorm ways to enrich their local programs.

This year we were fortunate to be able to bring two Student Ambassadors from Sydney to attend the session in Washington DC, USA!

After the application process we were pleased to announce our Student Ambassadors from Marsden High School for 2015:

Kirsten Mann               Dillon Ralton

Kirsten Mann                   Dylan Ralton

Kirsten and Dylan attended along with students from; Kenya, India, Puerto Rico, Italy, Romania and various states within the USA.

2015 BTE Student Ambassadors

2015 BTE Student Ambassadors

Dylan and Kirsten participated in a variety of activities including a student project in which they had to respond to an Ebloa epidemic. They presented their action plan to all conference attendees from around the globe and amazed everybody with their ability to publicly present such a concept in an intelligent and professional manner to a large group of people.

They even had the opportunity to meet students from Boston that they had connected with via Global Connect (video conferencing) in 2014!

Dylan and Kirsten did a fantastic job at representing the Sydney, Australia BTE program and we are very proud of their achievements.

Michael Bizdak

From Left: Michael Bzdak, (Director Corporate Contributions, J&J), Dylan Ralton (Sydney Ambassador), Rebecca Deep (2015 Site Coordinator), Tim Austin (local J&J Rep) and Kirsten Mann (Sydney Ambassador)

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