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We offer an array of services designed to help young people at various critical phases of their development improve their mental, social and physical wellbeing. We are offering them programs that will empower them and give them a clearer direction to make a better contribution to society.
Rowena Stulajter CEO

We work closely with schools, business, government and community organisations to offer a range of programs that have been fine-tuned to address the needs of young people in a current, flexible and comprehensive way. We believe in a holistic approach to enriching young people’s lives, with their aspirations and endless potential informing all that we do.
Our key programs include:

  • Our brave program focuses on improving physical and mental wellbeing (especially for those young people at-risk of disengaging from school)
  • An industry bites program, providing young people with the opportunity to visit one of our corporate partners to get a snapshot of the industry and what it has to offer
  • Our 2realise your career program, assisting young people to develop those essential job readiness skills to stand out from the crowd when looking for their first part time or full time job
  • We value partnerships with other community groups and organisations and are committed to an outreach program providing support to young people on a weekly basis
  • A partnership with a rural bank providing urban youth the opportunity to experience farming communities and explore related career opportunities
  • A global partnership with a large corporation to enrich students’ academic studies and broaden future career opportunities