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In 2014, 2realise was elected to manage the Johnson & Johnson Bridge to Employment (BTE) Program for the first time in Australia.

Johnson & Johnson has run this global initiative since 1992.  BTE aims to inspire young people to stay in school, excel academically, and elevate their career aspirations. It is currently running in 17 countries.

Officially launched on 17 February 2014, the BTE program in Australia was made possible by 2realise, as we have the expertise in brokering partnerships with corporates and education institutes (high school and tertiary). 2realise brought together three local educational institutions: Macquarie University, Northern Sydney Institute of TAFE and Marsden High School, to work with Janssen, whose parent company is Johnson & Johnson. The 3 year program will provide 47 Marsden High students with activities that enrich their academic studies and engage them into thinking about their future career options.

Forty seven students have been selected from Marsden High School to participate in the program. Through academic enrichment activities, career readiness and exploration opportunities, and higher education preparation, these students will be exposed to various careers and opportunities in the health industry and motivated to pursue higher levels of academic progress and take the steps necessary to build a better future and achieve their full potential.

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On the 18th February 2014 2realise along with Chris Hourigan – Managing Director of Janssen and David Wilkinson – Deputy Vice Chancellor Maquarie University, featured in an interview on ABC Radio National program ‘Life Matters‘ explaining the BTE and its benefits.

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Latest BTE News:

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Bridge to Employment students @ Macquarie University

Ever wonder what it is like to be in an echo-less room? On Monday, the Bridge to Employment students from Marsden High School got to experience this when they entered the Anechoic Chamber at the Australian Hearing Hub at Macquarie University. The group was also able to see the brain...
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Bridge to Employment Mentoring Session # 2

Session two of the mentoring program for BTE students was held last Wednesday. Continuing with the theme of ‘Career Pathway Exploration’ students and mentors continued discussions around broadening the student’s career horizons. This session focussed on students reflecting on what their likes, interests, skills and passions are in order to then...
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Bridge to Employment Mentoring Session @ Marsden High School

Career Pathway Exploration is the theme for the 2016 Bridge to Employment Mentoring Sessions The final year of the BTE program began earlier last term with the first of four mentoring sessions with staff from Johnson and Johnson. The theme of the mentoring sessions this year is ‘Career Pathway Exploration’...
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Latest News on Bridge to Employment

UPDATE: OCTOBER 2015 Annual Alliance Building & Training Session Each year, Johnson & Johnson host an international conference (ABTS) allowing all sites from around the globe to come together to share success and challenges, learn from each other and brainstorm ways to enrich their local programs. This year we were...
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Bridge to Employment update September 2014

Latest News on Bridge to Employment On Friday 19th September, eight BTE students took up the fantastic opportunity to meet eight students from the Bridge to Employment site in Boston, USA via Johnson & Johnson’s Global Connect facilities which allowed the students to connect via video teleconferencing. The students enjoyed hearing about how each country’s education...
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Bridge to Employment update July 2014

Latest News on Bridge to Employment On Monday 21st July the Bridge to Employment students took a trip to the Northern Sydney Institute of TAFE (Meadowbank Campus) to learn about a variety of jobs and training available within the healthcare industry including; nursing, massage and sport & recreation. In the Nursing section students were given...
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Bridge to Employment update May 2014

Latest News on Bridge to Employment On Wednesday 14th May 2014, Bridge to Employment students were given the opportunity to visit one of Australia’s top five universities, Macquarie University. Students were treated a Study Skills Workshop in the morning followed by visit to Macquarie University Hospital, located right on the university campus! The Study Skills Workshop gave...
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Bridge to Employment update April 2014

Latest News on Bridge to Employment On Friday 4th April, 2014, Bridge to Employment students participated in their first activity at Johnson & Johnson head office in North Ryde. The students had an exciting day, starting off with a tour of the Johnson & Johnson building including the warehouse facilities where they learnt how a warehouse...
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Bridge to Employment update March 2014

Latest News on Bridge to Employment The Bridge to Employment Program was officially launched in Australia on 17th February 2014. The program is made possible by 2realise who have formed a strong partnership between Johnson & Johnson, Marsden High School, Macquarie University and Northern Sydney Institute of TAFE. The 3 year program will provide 47...
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