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2realise has been contracted to be the National Program Coordinator for the Rabobank FX Program.  In 2014 Rabobank, 2realise, NSW Department of Education and Galston High School worked in partnership to pilot the Rabobank Farm Experience program in NSW. The FX Program evolved as a response to an area of concern that Rabobank Client councils identified in their industry.

It was designed to address some of these key areas including:

  • The challenge around long-term industry capacity
  • To increase awareness about what is involved in farming and its complexities and opportunities
  • To improve farming reputation by experiencing the industry first hand (rather than hearing/reading subjective messages)
  • To improve knowledge about where food and fibre come from, how they are produced and an introduction to food and fibre supply chain

The FX Program is based upon students from metropolitan areas being hosted by farmers in a rural area to learn about food and fibre production, agricultural career pathways and rural life. Students are then asked to present their experiences to their peers upon completion of the program – allowing for their learnings to be shared with the wider school community.

The FX Program model is now being delivered across several other states, including South Australia, Queensland and Western Australia. 2realise is responsible for coordinating the school/student involvement as well as ensuring host farmers are prepared to host their ‘city’ students for the week and supporting the client council to deliver the program in their region. 2realise will continue working closely with the Rabobank Sustainable Business Development Team and the local Client Councils to deliver high quality FX Program experiences for all participants.

2realise is delighted and proud to continue facilitating a program which is offering real world experiences, enabling students to better understand agricultural careers pathways and to make more informed decisions on their futures. The FX Program also develops students’ employability skills such as communication and team work, assisting these young people to reach their potential.

For more information, please contact Taryn Soderman, National Program Coordinator, taryn.soderman@2realise.org.au or 1300 2realise (1300 273 254)

Rabobank FX Program Reviews

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